Calling and Communication in Mauritius

You’ll be pleased to know that Mauritius has a very well-developed communications infrastructure with three mobile phone service providers that have nationwide coverage as well as fixed-line phone networks.

Telecommunications had an early beginning in Mauritius, with the first telephone line installed in 1883, seven years after the invention of the telephone. Over the years, the network and telephony improved. By the late 20th century, the rapid development and convergence of information and telecommunications technologies gave rise to an ICT industry on the island along with many incentives provided by the government. The government thus aims to make the ICT sector the 5th pillar of the Mauritian economy and Mauritius a Cyber Island. Historically, the country is known for tourism, rather than its call centers and business process outsourcing. Read more here…

So how do I make an international call from and to South Africa to Mauritius or Mauritius to South Africa?

We’ve provided an extensive list of how to call using wide variety of extensions, countries and area codes.

Numbering details

Mauritian phone numbers are seven (landline) to eight digits (mobile) long. Landline numbers begin with 2 (north), 4 (central), or 6 (south). Mobile numbers begin with the digit 5.
Calling formats

To call a Mauritius cell phone, the following format is used:

5 123 4567 Calls inside Mauritius
+230 5 123 4567 Calls from outside Mauritius

To call a Mauritius fixed line, the following format is used:

123 4567 Calls inside Mauritius
+230 123 4567 Calls from outside Mauritius

Calling Mauritius From South Africa – Direct Dialing Numbers

To make a direct call to Mauritius From South Africa, you need to follow the international dialing format given below.

The dialing format is same for calling Mauritius mobile or land line from South Africa.

To call Mauritius from South Africa, dial: 00 – 230 – Area Code – Land Phone Number
and on Mobile 00 – 230 – 7 Digit Mobile Number

Calling South Africa from Mauritius – Direct Dialing Numbers

To call South Africa from Mauritius, dial: 00 – 27 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 27 – 9 Digit Mobile Number

Mauritius Yellow Pages and Business Directories

To find a business or a place in Mauritius, use the Mauritius Yellow Pages online:
Alternatively, use this directory to easily find the phone no. and address of a person, a local business or a government agency :

Emergency Numbers

The list below contains emergency numbers in Mauritius, should you be in need for assistance at any time.

Samu: 114

Fire services: 115

Coastguards: 212 27 47

Police: 112 / 999

Central Police: 208 12 12

Tourism Police: 213 17 40

CEB (Electricity): 130

CWA (Water): 170

Child Protection: 113

Crime Prevention: 148


Meteorological services: 686 1031

Telephone directory: 150

Tourist info: 152

Flight info: 89 65

Road Traffic: 203 12 51

Public hospitals in Mauritius

Sir S. Ramgoolam National Hospital
Phone: (230) 209 35 00
Fax: (230) 243 89 65

Victoria Hospital
Candos – Quatre Bornes
Phone: (230) 425 30 31
Fax: (230) 425 76 93

Jawaharlal Nehru Hospital
Rose Belle
Phone: (230) 603 70 00
Fax: (230) 627 49 81

A.G. Jeetoo Hospital
Volcy Pougnet Street, Port-Louis
Phone: (230) 203 10 01
Fax: (230) 212 89 58

Flacq Hospital
Centre de Flacq
Phone: (230) 413 25 32
Fax: (230) 413 25 66

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